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Museo di Pietrarsa

Venue stronger points

  • Room Locomotive | 800 seats
  • Room of Cinquecento | 500 seats
  • Centro Molle | 150 seats
  • Garden/Cloister
  • Terrace
  • Parking area

What could you plan here?

Weddings, private ceremonies, gala dinners, meeting

Where the venue is?

Via Pietrarsa, 80146 | Naples

One of the most evocative buildings in Italy, a tribute to the history and discoveries of our time

The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa is a historical place with a unique charm, born where the royal Bourbon factory of Pietrarsa once stood. Today this site is an extraordinary venue for events and weddings held in the impressive interior rooms of the museum where you can admire steam locomotives and carriages.

Outside, the show is even more impressive: on an immense terrace overlooking the sea you can admire the majesty of Vesuvius and the disarming beauty of the Gulf of Naples.

Getting married in Pietrarsa means celebrating the most beautiful day of your life in a unique place in the world, where the past of Naples, culture and history come together, giving your guests an incredible experience and leaving them breathless.


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