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Villa Campolieto

Venue stronger points

  • Salone delle feste | seats 100
  • Salone delle feste | outdoor seats1000
  • Salone Banchetti | standing 500
  • Garden / Cloister
  • Terrace
  • Parking area

What could you plan here?

Weddings, private ceremonies, gala dinners, meeting

Where the venue is?

Corso Resina, 283, 80056 | Ercolano (Na)

Villa Campolieto is a Vesuvian villa located along the Golden Mile, in the municipality of Herculaneum

The villa, built in 1775, stands in a splendid panoramic position: on the side facing the sea of the royal Calabrie road, later known as the Golden Mile due to the presence of this and other prestigious noble residences of the Bourbon era.

The project for its construction was carried out by different architects, including Luigi Vanvitelli. After the war Villa Campolieto was assigned to the Vesuvian Villas Authority, it was renovated by Paolo Romanello and recognized as a cultural heritage. Today it is one of the richest buildings of charm and tradition in the area.

Its structural beauties, such as the marvelous specular elliptical stairways, the evocative porch and the panoramic terrace overlooking the Gulf of Naples and Vesuvius and its finely decorated interior rooms, make Villa Campolieto a perfect location for weddings. The reception can take place in the Salone delle Feste (100 seats), in the Banquet Hall (500 standing places), in the garden and in the outdoor spaces.

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